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9th December 2004


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2nd November 2004

9:24pm: its gonna be close.
i got this from cynthia.

What kind of God are you?
Favourite Color
You earthly time was spent Raining torrents of blood while sailing over the prostrate masses in an iron chariot
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kerry takes jersey
sunday night got out of control.i love halloween
Current Mood: anxious

26th October 2004

12:06am: Just because we talk a lot doesnt mean we communicate
parade of shoes is closing...so sad. but i am gettin some sweet severance pay so hey it was worth it. not to mention ive got some really cute shoes added to the collection. so things have been crazy as usual. cant wait for our halloween party on halloween. everyone should be here for it. ive got the perfect costume. and it should be a guarenteed good time. i have to go home to get my car from gettin serviced. ive been addicted to national lampoons van wilder. it still cracks me up everytime i watch it. i bought Saved! and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. both a so good. and satire about god is bound to be good. although the times here are good i do miss my friends in jersey. i wish i could come home more often; or i wish they would come visit here. its always a good time. poor kyle got shit on by the law. school tomarro should be rough. i have a test in my legal class. oh and i have a cold.
Current Mood: sick

4th October 2004

10:34pm: Shaun of the Dead
so work is awesome. all 4 people i work with are fantastic. easy going. philly is better each day. i had the day off school and work today. that was nice. i am makin some good money there. me and kyle are always good. not driving each other crazy yet! ive gotten so close to pj and greg. last friday i saw shaun of the dead with pj greg and pj's sister. it was hysterical. loved it. school is great too. made some more friends but dont really spend much time there..jsut tues and thurs.
goin outside...
Current Mood: calm

26th September 2004

2:08am: party of the century
last night philly was the place to be. good times good people. and no drama.
Current Mood: drained

21st September 2004

1:00am: Carnivale DVD set December
oh boy. so i won 150 bucks at Atlantic City with my mom last friday....saw halifax those boys are great, hung out with nadine she is fabulous. got scared by thunder early early sat morning. saw wimbleton on sat with cynthia and her friend jessie. worked my last day at rg on sunday. hung out with my mom all sunday. harassed my sister as well. pj my roommate turned 22. played with the kittie monday didnt recieve my operations management book. went to a twp soccer game and visited my old coach. that brings me back. drank a bottle of wine with pj greg and kyle. lost again in trivial pursuit. 5 classes to look forward to tomarro. just pruchased 3 movies and a book off amazon. mean girls, st elmos fire, and norma jean and marilyn. fast food nation. watchin tv and goin to bed.
that about sums it up.
living in a house with 4 amazing people is the best experience i could ever have. they are now family. i love them.
kyle never stops making me smile.
hugs katie
Current Mood: satisfied

13th September 2004

12:43am: The now
so i finally turned 21 on thursday. thankyou to those who wished me a happy bday, and dont bother explaining to those who didnt. it was AWESOME! my party was crazy..everything from a cake fight to midnight 21 hugs. i was also so hung over the next day that i didnt go to any of my 5 classes. i think that was bad. itll never happen again. then thuirs i went to m first bar and could barely drink bc i was still hung over. however, did get to do some sik ghetto dancing with my roomies and gfs. fun as hell! got my tattoo partially finished on friday, huge thanks to jay for coming with me. hes a trooper and one of the reasons i didnt shed a tear! hehe. im scared to leave my room now bc i know pj greg and kyle are gonna try to boogie man me. those fuckers. we just played trivial prusuit drinking style. these past 3 weeks have been nothin but fun and pretty soon, hopefully like in 2 weeks, i wont have to come home to work anymore. cant wait to go to atlantic city with my mom and sister and cant wait till september to remember. its gonna be intense. my best friend rachael drove home from rhode island to spend saturday with me. shes awesome. it made me happy. she bought me dinner at applebees and many drinks. its so awesome being able to get served. i think im gona leave my room to see waht happens. until later...
Current Mood: cheerful

27th August 2004

12:34am: OC Season 1 DVD October
went out wiht my girls tonight. that is always exceptional. the party last saturday was off the hook. the best party i had been to all summer...and there was a lot! joe said that was prob the crasiest hes ever seen me. i told him ill be crazier at my brithday extravaganza. 21 in less than 2 weeks. movin up to phily mon. should be exceptional. kyle is already there. start school next thurs. got a job interview at h & m. dont know how i feel about that. i wanna go to king of prussia and put in a bunch of apps. lookin forward to a relaxed weekend. hanign with nicole tomarro and racheal sat wiht her URI friends. sunday just spending time with my family. mon handing in my keys at the glassboro apt and off to start my year of four boys and a woman. our room looks awesome. cant wait. i will miss all my friends here. but i dont see why they cant visit. were only an hour away.
btw. ive alerady spent 200 on books and i stll need 3 more books. awesome.
Current Mood: peaceful

29th July 2004

6:52pm: funny like ha ha

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Current Mood: exhausted

12th July 2004

1:46pm: Nothing like 11 hours of sleep to start the day right
so this week has been incredible. party after party after party. hung out with some awesome girls: nat amy and racheal. work totally kicked my ass this week. but my huge paycheck makes it all worth while. hot rod and saves the day were amazing last friday. still thinking about it 3 days later. im at gregs with kyle and about to watch law and order dvd set second season. i am a die-hard law and order fan. i cant wait till the 3rd year comes out. ive def seen like every episode. i think this week i will go to my apt and box up my shit and take it to the newly furnished house then get my tattoo finished up. that might have to wait till next week though. great things to come.


7th July 2004

11:01pm: im becoming a work a holic.
today i worked a long ass shift. pj is def moving in with us. that makes my rent $258. doesnt get any better than that....unless nicole moves in, then itll be even cheaper. this past week/weekend was so excellent.. with the exception on parts of last night. fri i went to steves for a party, fantastically fun party with some great people, finally saw jay and the boys on sunday, monday went to the movies with kyle and saw fahrenheit 911 and then hung out with gary for a bit, tues went to the movies to see spiderman 2 and then to matts house. some good times. got an awesome tattoo last wed and last fri we moved in to our house! well all the couches and my bed and stuff but im not gonna live there till aug. thurs i hope im still hanging with natalie and friday me and kyle are goin to saves the day and hot rod! cant wait to see hrc. sat is kyles show as well. chasing monroe. def like those guys. and who knows what will come after that.
Current Mood: drained

22nd June 2004

2:28pm: Old Friends
i had a dream last night about my old friends. i woke up missing them. at least ill be close to 2 of them when i move into philly.(1.5 week!!!) they both go to LaSalle so theyll be aorund the corner. Next friday i move out of my apt and into the house. this sat im goin with my mom to patch up the walls. i think i am finally gettin a new cell phone. at least if my dad pays for a new one. ive been picking up hours at work like its my life. its kinda ironic bc when i left mishmash i didnt want many hours, like when i was at easy video. but now im tryin to get as many as possible. tomarro i have work and then kyles brothers grad dinner. should been interesting. ill finally get my bathing suit back from his uncle. there is this contest at wokra nd if i win then ill win 250 bucks. i really need that. i still owe my mom 700 beanos. my pay checks are jsut goin to her; and my credit bills. at least ill work 4th of July and make 12 an hour bc of time and a half. im really glad i dont have to spend any money on the house bc i already have everyting. this past weekend i went to hillsborough. i always have a good time when i go there. we got to see sheena. and she has the cutest baby kittten. its so adorable. me and my sister went to an ice cream place called Coldstone today. it was ewxcellent. they have this ice cream called cake batter. it was realy good, except you def cant eat a lot or else youll get sick. We went to IKEA. i love that place. im so happy i did my whole room IKEA style. i think when i get a house for real ill furnish it all in IKEA. thurs im goin to nyc with kyle to see vince stacey and josh from cali. its gonna be pretty exciting. except that i have work friday morning. haha. thatll be hell. i think i might crimp my hair today. its date night for me and kyle. movie night. i think we are either seeing dodgeball or saved again. he hasnt seen it yet. june 28th is our 3 year anniversary. wow. its so long. my longest relationship ever. and its fabulous. lovin him more than ever. ill have to make it special.
im also addicted to Brandtson. check it out. brandtson.com
Current Mood: bouncy

15th June 2004

2:16pm: set in stone
we have our house. we get the keys next week. im so excited. we were gettin so riled up in the car on the way home. its cheap, three stories, and beautiful. safe neighborhood too, which is always good for philly. im really excited to take this step with kyle. im sure itll be wild at times, but i know it will be fantastic. ho and greg are gonna be good roommies too. ho is so much fun. and his gf, amy. shes so funny and her twin sister is equally as fun. amy lives on south street too so when the boys get to be too much i can jsut pop over to her apt. i turn 21 in less than 3 months.

today has been a truly fabulous day
and im goin to see harry pottter 3 tonihgt, even better.
Current Mood: ecstatic

14th June 2004

12:38pm: NorthShore tonight
tomarro i believe we secure our house for the next year. im pretty psyched. its gorgeous. july 1 we move in. i had my first day of work yesterday. open to close. it was pretty good. easy, nothin im not used to. plus i work with my same managers from mishmash. kyle came over last night. he took me out to eat. hes great. he was pretty tired from the battle or whatever but he said it wasnt that bad. it was nice to have him sleep over. he hadnt in like over a week. my dad has been oddly nice to me lately. im tryin not to get used to it, but i do appreciate it. i saw SAVED! on saturday. it was really good. i was impressed.
Current Mood: loved

28th May 2004

2:08pm: Saved
So i hopefully got a job. still awaiting the verdict. if i have my way ill be working by like tuesday. well see. My friend Melanie is tryin to hook it up nice for me. Me and Cynthia spent the day together. She has to go to work today though so she isnt hanging tonight. me and kyle are gonna head over to Krome in like a few hours. I actually wanna go to the show tonight. it should be fun. we are goin house hunting next week too. i cant wait. i hope everything falls into place. glad the boys are back from tour. i missed hangin wiht them. it went so fast though too. i feel like we got back from cali and they were home like 3 days later. so it wasnt anything wild. im goin to British Columbia in August with my mom and hopefully sister to go to my cousin/godfathers wedding. its so beautiful out there. i love it. august weddings are so fab.

20th May 2004

7:31pm: Boardwalk Double Date
i cant wait for the boys to get home. i miss them. saturday isnt coming early enough! so hopefully ill get a job..i wont say where yet. i dont wanna jinxs it. i have an interview on sunday so well see. monday and tues im goint to Rhode Island to visit racheal with my best friend amy. i cant wait. Racheal is turning 22! SO WEIRD. i havent even turned 21 yet and we graduated together. i miss her. shes fab. i missed amy a lot too. im so glad shes home. im sure some of you have met her a long time ago. she came to her first show with me..i think it was socratic cd release. shes my favourite...just as much as kyle.they are equal. for some reason we can go months without seeing each other and when we fianlly do its like nothing every happened. this summer i think is gonna be good. i jsut need to get out of debt already. i wish my toe was better so i can join curves. i wanna join real bad. eh more another day.

19th May 2004

9:16pm: That 70s Show finale
-where were you on 9/11?
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. at my desk when someone i-med me and told me to turn on the tv.

-what is your ideal vacation?
i really wanna go to Hawaii or Tokyo!!

-how many first cousins do you have?

-how do you take your pizza?
cheese and mushrooms if im feelin it

-if you could be fluent in any foreign language what would it be?

-if you could experience another era of history, which would it be?
Victorian Era

-what is your favorite genre of movies?
gotta love the teen movies. just saw mean girls.

-if you could have any one superpower, what would it be?
reading minds

-can you whistle?

-if you could be any animal for a day...
def a kitty or maybe a tiger, but a baby cub tiger.

-star wars or star trek?
both are terrible

-what is your favorite beverage?
water with lemon

-what brand of toothpaste do you use?
whatever is on sale..but it has to be minty. no lke bubblegum flavour.

-are you "indoorsy" or "outdoorsy"?

-what is your earliest childhood memory?
watching Memphis Bell with my cousins and my family at my grandmas old house on the lake in Halifax NS Canada

-if you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?

-what's your favorite accent?
anything European

-when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
home maker

-are you a dog person or a cat person?
cat person to the maxx

-if they were making a movie or TV show of your life, who would you choose to play you?
Renee Zelwegger. Shes fab

stole this from cynthia on my space.
this one was pretty bad. im regretting doin this.

17th May 2004

9:36pm: CALIFORNIA!!
so my trip has been awesome so far! i dont wanna leave to come back to jersey tomarro. josh, vince, and stacy have been awesome! but i guess it is time to get back to the real world. i think we are gonna go see this movie "Super Size Me" in a bit. its about that guy who ate only mcdonaldds for like a month or something wild!i bought awesome new clothes here at urban too. a sweet triple 5 jacket, a super girly tunic thingy (youll def be seeing me wear it. ) anyways...i think we have to go to the movie now. see you tomarro. we arrive at 5 pm.

22nd April 2004

12:35pm: recovery
so my foot doesnt really hurt. alteast not yet. i kinda feel neausious. i think i spelled that right. sex and the city marathon is keeping me alive. cant wait to get to philly u tomarro. joey is goin with me to get my fingerprints tomarro. hes fabulous. always there when i need him.

21st April 2004

11:36am: Cheesquake was a Disappointment
so tomarro im goin under the knife for real this time. 1030 am. apparently it only takes like 10 minutes. hey all the more time to hang with my sister. bryan went with me on monday which was when it was supposed to happen. but my docs office is rediculous. Mike King gave me a sik cane to walk with. Its gonna be a fun next 2 weeks. Im goin to stay at philly u for the weekend so kyle can take care of me. plus its Turkey Dinner weekend!! im super excited. This past weekend was eventful. S&S blah blah was pretty cool. The table did really good. it was exciting! cant wiat to get to california in like 3 weeks. ok write more tomarro when im in recovery.

14th April 2004

12:18pm: Rain Rain Go Away
So this week flew by! It's already Wed. This past weekend was pretty fun. Friday night i had a family bonding day. Amy, who is like my sister, drove up next to me and kyle on my way home so she came to my house and we talked for like an hour. i miss her terribly. she is like my other half. maryland is gonna have to give her back soon. then me and my mom watched tv and i went to the store with her. she was excited bc she was leaving for san fransisco saturday super early. then me and cynthia went to applebees at like 12. its always fun goin out with cynthia. shes fabulous. then saturday kyle came over to apologize about ditching me on friday. it was ok. i forgave him. who couldnt? so saturday we went to see halifax in delware with joey salvag. it was pretty fun. i dug it. things arent so awkward aroudn the boys anymore so that is always good. then afterwards we went back to kyles where we shrinkrapped llike a trillion samplers for surf and skate. it took forever and it still wasnt done because i was doing them sunday morning before we ate! we also watched sex and the city. that show is wonderful. kyle cant get over the fact that it is too girl oriented. so kyles mom made easter dinner. it was really good. then we went round two for halifax at the church in philly. they were amazing. thousand times better than the day before. i missed my mom a little. then we got back to kyles apartment and i went to sleep at 7 and didnt wake up till 8 the next morning. good sleeping. then the up till today it was a blur. this is my last week at perkins im psyched. today i gave a presentation in my bio class on genetically engineeered foods. all i gotta say is 7 out of 10 products in the food stores are gentically engineered. and they probably arent labled. and that is legal.
bryan is here hangin with me now. i only have 20 more minutes in the photo lab. hes taking me to get surery on monday. hes fabulous.
hallifax tonight in ny. we leave at 2. should be an extreme night.

5th April 2004

1:16pm: You Suck I Rule
this weekend was pretty fun. I liked just hangin with the boys i hadnt seen them in a while. Kyle went to North Carolina friday and was supposed to be back saturday but they, for some crazy reason, thought they could get to North Carolina by 10 if they leave at 1 in the afternoon. Hello traffic, rush hour. Anyways, they had to play saturday instead of friday because they missed the show...so i was kinda bummed out about it. Especially since the show saturday was awful. very awful. Got to see rookie of the year though and i def dug them. applebees afterwards brightened the night as well. i feel bad for the manasquan boys. im sorry people have to be stupid. hopefully it will work out. sunday i went ot see the prince and me with my sister. believe it or not, i really liked it! it was soooo romantic! it kinda made me tear because it was so beautiful. but i also think i was in a kind of sappy mood. def gonnna buy the movie though. i have a thing for teen movies...am i too old for that? well my sister went with me and she is 23. then i finally got to see kyle. he drove me back to school. he was so sweet he drove me all over to find a dairy queen to get that new cheesecake thingy. then he slept over, which was a nice treat. he left this morning and i kinda got sad...weird. its not like i dont see him all the time.

22nd March 2004

6:37pm: and the fantastic break has officially ended.....
everyone needs to go to london. i had a fabulous time with my favourite sister...even if she was a brat. all the things to do...and ridiculous people hitting on us very badly..sigh. good time. we should have gotten first trip together tattoos. maybe next time....well me and kyle are goin to california May 11..so maybe well get trip tattoos!

top 5 things that happened in london:

5. getting i-d in the hotel bar and then the bouncer told me he liked my wedding ring. weird.
4. Cynthia gettin picked up by a Norwiegan tourist who used the line " i jsut flew 12000 miles here. can i buy you a drink?"
3. The guy next door, that i like to refer to as: mr slammy door guy. he seemed to get home from the bars/clubs too drunk to realize he was slamming his door at least 10 times at 2 in the morning for the 5 days we were there. One does the job buddy.
2. Some dude on his spring break from Iowa state who just happened to "trip" into me during the Jack the Ripper Tour and then saying.."your not british are you? good." not to mention that fact that he stalked us the rest of the tour.
1. Getting sent to a scarey room in Newark airport because..well lets not get into it. the main thing was that after an 8 hour flight i was sent to wait in a room for an hour with 50 people who dont speak english only for them to ask me 2 questions and let me go.
..good times.

i cant wait to see how the pics came out. im goin to develope them at work tonight.
why did i ever cut my hair. this seems random...but i was looking at the poloroids from the kyles bday party...and i miss the long hair...i want it back. maybe i can glue it on. if i ever want to cut my hair again..dont let me.

kyle wants a party this thurs. yeah or neh?
caity feel better

3rd March 2004

2:26pm: I am addicted to Peeps. Joan Rivers is beat.
Tonight i am going to see Girl With a Pearl Earring. Im pretty excited...but i have to get through 3 classes first. Blah. Im totally loving this weather. Super fab. The walks to school have become great. Isnt that quiz ridiculous..im sure Israel and im encouraging cycles of violence. ridiculous? yes. they get this from saying i dont like wrestling and saying my quality of life is good...weird. Mid terms are this week...just about done with already. Thankfully.

Spring Break start: 3/12/04
London: 3/13/04

Current Mood: bouncy
2:05pm: stole this from cynthia

You're Israel!

Though a victim in the past, you've learned very little from this and
have encouraged a cycle of violence in your life and the life of many you know.
 You're a little paranoid and somewhat schizophrenic, causing you to promote
both hatred and hope in cycling intervals.  Some of the paranoia is justified, as
a lot of people don't like you, but more people are helping you than you'd ever really
admit to.  At this point, you live on some valuable property and would benefit
greatly from just giving peace a chance.

Take the Country
at the Blue Pyramid

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