Katie (katiekat88) wrote,

Boardwalk Double Date

i cant wait for the boys to get home. i miss them. saturday isnt coming early enough! so hopefully ill get a job..i wont say where yet. i dont wanna jinxs it. i have an interview on sunday so well see. monday and tues im goint to Rhode Island to visit racheal with my best friend amy. i cant wait. Racheal is turning 22! SO WEIRD. i havent even turned 21 yet and we graduated together. i miss her. shes fab. i missed amy a lot too. im so glad shes home. im sure some of you have met her a long time ago. she came to her first show with me..i think it was socratic cd release. shes my favourite...just as much as kyle.they are equal. for some reason we can go months without seeing each other and when we fianlly do its like nothing every happened. this summer i think is gonna be good. i jsut need to get out of debt already. i wish my toe was better so i can join curves. i wanna join real bad. eh more another day.
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