Katie (katiekat88) wrote,


So i hopefully got a job. still awaiting the verdict. if i have my way ill be working by like tuesday. well see. My friend Melanie is tryin to hook it up nice for me. Me and Cynthia spent the day together. She has to go to work today though so she isnt hanging tonight. me and kyle are gonna head over to Krome in like a few hours. I actually wanna go to the show tonight. it should be fun. we are goin house hunting next week too. i cant wait. i hope everything falls into place. glad the boys are back from tour. i missed hangin wiht them. it went so fast though too. i feel like we got back from cali and they were home like 3 days later. so it wasnt anything wild. im goin to British Columbia in August with my mom and hopefully sister to go to my cousin/godfathers wedding. its so beautiful out there. i love it. august weddings are so fab.
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