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The now

so i finally turned 21 on thursday. thankyou to those who wished me a happy bday, and dont bother explaining to those who didnt. it was AWESOME! my party was crazy..everything from a cake fight to midnight 21 hugs. i was also so hung over the next day that i didnt go to any of my 5 classes. i think that was bad. itll never happen again. then thuirs i went to m first bar and could barely drink bc i was still hung over. however, did get to do some sik ghetto dancing with my roomies and gfs. fun as hell! got my tattoo partially finished on friday, huge thanks to jay for coming with me. hes a trooper and one of the reasons i didnt shed a tear! hehe. im scared to leave my room now bc i know pj greg and kyle are gonna try to boogie man me. those fuckers. we just played trivial prusuit drinking style. these past 3 weeks have been nothin but fun and pretty soon, hopefully like in 2 weeks, i wont have to come home to work anymore. cant wait to go to atlantic city with my mom and sister and cant wait till september to remember. its gonna be intense. my best friend rachael drove home from rhode island to spend saturday with me. shes awesome. it made me happy. she bought me dinner at applebees and many drinks. its so awesome being able to get served. i think im gona leave my room to see waht happens. until later...
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