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Carnivale DVD set December

oh boy. so i won 150 bucks at Atlantic City with my mom last friday....saw halifax those boys are great, hung out with nadine she is fabulous. got scared by thunder early early sat morning. saw wimbleton on sat with cynthia and her friend jessie. worked my last day at rg on sunday. hung out with my mom all sunday. harassed my sister as well. pj my roommate turned 22. played with the kittie monday didnt recieve my operations management book. went to a twp soccer game and visited my old coach. that brings me back. drank a bottle of wine with pj greg and kyle. lost again in trivial pursuit. 5 classes to look forward to tomarro. just pruchased 3 movies and a book off amazon. mean girls, st elmos fire, and norma jean and marilyn. fast food nation. watchin tv and goin to bed.
that about sums it up.
living in a house with 4 amazing people is the best experience i could ever have. they are now family. i love them.
kyle never stops making me smile.
hugs katie
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