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Just because we talk a lot doesnt mean we communicate

parade of shoes is closing...so sad. but i am gettin some sweet severance pay so hey it was worth it. not to mention ive got some really cute shoes added to the collection. so things have been crazy as usual. cant wait for our halloween party on halloween. everyone should be here for it. ive got the perfect costume. and it should be a guarenteed good time. i have to go home to get my car from gettin serviced. ive been addicted to national lampoons van wilder. it still cracks me up everytime i watch it. i bought Saved! and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. both a so good. and satire about god is bound to be good. although the times here are good i do miss my friends in jersey. i wish i could come home more often; or i wish they would come visit here. its always a good time. poor kyle got shit on by the law. school tomarro should be rough. i have a test in my legal class. oh and i have a cold.
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