Katie (katiekat88) wrote,

and the fantastic break has officially ended.....

everyone needs to go to london. i had a fabulous time with my favourite sister...even if she was a brat. all the things to do...and ridiculous people hitting on us very badly..sigh. good time. we should have gotten first trip together tattoos. maybe next time....well me and kyle are goin to california May 11..so maybe well get trip tattoos!

top 5 things that happened in london:

5. getting i-d in the hotel bar and then the bouncer told me he liked my wedding ring. weird.
4. Cynthia gettin picked up by a Norwiegan tourist who used the line " i jsut flew 12000 miles here. can i buy you a drink?"
3. The guy next door, that i like to refer to as: mr slammy door guy. he seemed to get home from the bars/clubs too drunk to realize he was slamming his door at least 10 times at 2 in the morning for the 5 days we were there. One does the job buddy.
2. Some dude on his spring break from Iowa state who just happened to "trip" into me during the Jack the Ripper Tour and then saying.."your not british are you? good." not to mention that fact that he stalked us the rest of the tour.
1. Getting sent to a scarey room in Newark airport because..well lets not get into it. the main thing was that after an 8 hour flight i was sent to wait in a room for an hour with 50 people who dont speak english only for them to ask me 2 questions and let me go.
..good times.

i cant wait to see how the pics came out. im goin to develope them at work tonight.
why did i ever cut my hair. this seems random...but i was looking at the poloroids from the kyles bday party...and i miss the long hair...i want it back. maybe i can glue it on. if i ever want to cut my hair again..dont let me.

kyle wants a party this thurs. yeah or neh?
caity feel better
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