Katie (katiekat88) wrote,

Rain Rain Go Away

So this week flew by! It's already Wed. This past weekend was pretty fun. Friday night i had a family bonding day. Amy, who is like my sister, drove up next to me and kyle on my way home so she came to my house and we talked for like an hour. i miss her terribly. she is like my other half. maryland is gonna have to give her back soon. then me and my mom watched tv and i went to the store with her. she was excited bc she was leaving for san fransisco saturday super early. then me and cynthia went to applebees at like 12. its always fun goin out with cynthia. shes fabulous. then saturday kyle came over to apologize about ditching me on friday. it was ok. i forgave him. who couldnt? so saturday we went to see halifax in delware with joey salvag. it was pretty fun. i dug it. things arent so awkward aroudn the boys anymore so that is always good. then afterwards we went back to kyles where we shrinkrapped llike a trillion samplers for surf and skate. it took forever and it still wasnt done because i was doing them sunday morning before we ate! we also watched sex and the city. that show is wonderful. kyle cant get over the fact that it is too girl oriented. so kyles mom made easter dinner. it was really good. then we went round two for halifax at the church in philly. they were amazing. thousand times better than the day before. i missed my mom a little. then we got back to kyles apartment and i went to sleep at 7 and didnt wake up till 8 the next morning. good sleeping. then the up till today it was a blur. this is my last week at perkins im psyched. today i gave a presentation in my bio class on genetically engineeered foods. all i gotta say is 7 out of 10 products in the food stores are gentically engineered. and they probably arent labled. and that is legal.
bryan is here hangin with me now. i only have 20 more minutes in the photo lab. hes taking me to get surery on monday. hes fabulous.
hallifax tonight in ny. we leave at 2. should be an extreme night.
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