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Old Friends

i had a dream last night about my old friends. i woke up missing them. at least ill be close to 2 of them when i move into philly.(1.5 week!!!) they both go to LaSalle so theyll be aorund the corner. Next friday i move out of my apt and into the house. this sat im goin with my mom to patch up the walls. i think i am finally gettin a new cell phone. at least if my dad pays for a new one. ive been picking up hours at work like its my life. its kinda ironic bc when i left mishmash i didnt want many hours, like when i was at easy video. but now im tryin to get as many as possible. tomarro i have work and then kyles brothers grad dinner. should been interesting. ill finally get my bathing suit back from his uncle. there is this contest at wokra nd if i win then ill win 250 bucks. i really need that. i still owe my mom 700 beanos. my pay checks are jsut goin to her; and my credit bills. at least ill work 4th of July and make 12 an hour bc of time and a half. im really glad i dont have to spend any money on the house bc i already have everyting. this past weekend i went to hillsborough. i always have a good time when i go there. we got to see sheena. and she has the cutest baby kittten. its so adorable. me and my sister went to an ice cream place called Coldstone today. it was ewxcellent. they have this ice cream called cake batter. it was realy good, except you def cant eat a lot or else youll get sick. We went to IKEA. i love that place. im so happy i did my whole room IKEA style. i think when i get a house for real ill furnish it all in IKEA. thurs im goin to nyc with kyle to see vince stacey and josh from cali. its gonna be pretty exciting. except that i have work friday morning. haha. thatll be hell. i think i might crimp my hair today. its date night for me and kyle. movie night. i think we are either seeing dodgeball or saved again. he hasnt seen it yet. june 28th is our 3 year anniversary. wow. its so long. my longest relationship ever. and its fabulous. lovin him more than ever. ill have to make it special.
im also addicted to Brandtson. check it out. brandtson.com
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