Katie (katiekat88) wrote,

You Suck I Rule

this weekend was pretty fun. I liked just hangin with the boys i hadnt seen them in a while. Kyle went to North Carolina friday and was supposed to be back saturday but they, for some crazy reason, thought they could get to North Carolina by 10 if they leave at 1 in the afternoon. Hello traffic, rush hour. Anyways, they had to play saturday instead of friday because they missed the show...so i was kinda bummed out about it. Especially since the show saturday was awful. very awful. Got to see rookie of the year though and i def dug them. applebees afterwards brightened the night as well. i feel bad for the manasquan boys. im sorry people have to be stupid. hopefully it will work out. sunday i went ot see the prince and me with my sister. believe it or not, i really liked it! it was soooo romantic! it kinda made me tear because it was so beautiful. but i also think i was in a kind of sappy mood. def gonnna buy the movie though. i have a thing for teen movies...am i too old for that? well my sister went with me and she is 23. then i finally got to see kyle. he drove me back to school. he was so sweet he drove me all over to find a dairy queen to get that new cheesecake thingy. then he slept over, which was a nice treat. he left this morning and i kinda got sad...weird. its not like i dont see him all the time.
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